Mindshare LA Presents: "Your Primal Instincts" ...on the West Side!

I'll be speaking at a special sciencey Valentine's Day version of Mindshare this month in Santa Monica along with Christopher Ryan (of Sex at Dawn fame) and science journalist Sharon Brock.

We'll all be covering the science of love from our own perspectives, and my talk will be about how animals shout at each other for sex, how some types of shouts are more effective than other types of shouts, and what (if anything) it might tell us about how we humans go about finding that special someone.

Animals have adopted all sorts of special skills to survive but some of the most interesting behaviors surround their mating strategies. Ostentatious plumage, fancy footsteps and even arguably artists skills are found in nature. This talk will explore how animals attract mates using their calls... and what it might teach us about our own mating strategies.

Ever wanted to know what a bison sounds like when he's trying to seduce a lady bison? Come out next Wednesday, and you'll find out!

The event is 7pm-11pm, Wednesday, February 20th, at VLounge.

Tickets will sell out - I'm told there very few remaining - so if you'd like to come, reserve your tickets ASAP.