Any artists out there?

As my Photoshop skills leave something to be desired, I am opening up a contest for any reader who would like to send me ideas for banners, as well as a square logo, for the Thoughtful Animal.


  • The banner image must be 756 pixels wide by 93 pixels high.
  • The logo needs to be square (think 200x200 or 300x300 pixels).
  • Both should be colorful and contain one or more animals, human or non-human.
  • The banner and logo should both include the words "The Thoughtful Animal." The logo may as well.
  • The banner and the logo each may include some variation of the words "exploring thought and cognition in the non-human animal (and sometimes the human animal, too!)" or "exploring the evolution and architecture of the human mind"

You might check out the old blog, for inspiration.

Email me whatever you come up with:

The individual who creates the banner that I select, and the individual who creates the logo that I select (and those need not be the same individual) will win my undying admiration, a shout-out on the blog, and a prize. All entries will appear on this blog with shout-outs, as well.