The final 50 posts (plus one poem) that will comprise the next edition of the yearly anthology of the best science writing on the web have been officially announced by this year's editor Jennifer Ouellette.

Having served as editor for last year's edition, I know just how hard and painful the editing process can be – how much more impressive, then, this awesome example of the incredible variation and diversity within the science blogosphere. And all the coffee and Reese's cups in the world don't make it any easier.

So, head on over and see who'll be included in the 2012 edition. I'm proud to announce that my inaugural Scientific American Blogs post is one of the 50: Rats, Bees, and Brains: The Death of the Cognitive Map.

While you're waiting for September for the 2012 edition, feel free to grab up a few copies of the 2010 edition if you didn't last year. They make excellent holiday gifts.

And, yes, there is no 2011 edition. According to Bora, "due to move from Lulu to FSG to some extent, but more due to the move from February to September for actual publication, the new book will be called 2012 - there will be no 2011 officially, though all the posts in 2012 book will be originally from 2011."