The Scientific American Blog Network launched one year ago today! Happy birthday to us! Following in the tradition of the rest of the network (borrowed, in turn, from Drugmonkey and Ed Yong), I'm going to take this opportunity to find out who you are. So, time to de-lurk! (I understand that you can now use twitter or facebook to login and leave comments. Please be sure to let me know if this does or doesn't work!)

Who are you and why are you here? If you want something more specific, here are some questions that can help guide your responses in the comments (borrowed, in part, from Drugmonkey):

1. Tell me about you. Who are you? Do you have a background in science? If so, what draws you here as opposed to more typically-academic fare? And if not, what brought you here and why have you stayed? Let loose with those comments.

2. I'm interested in whether you found me, or regularly follow me or this blog, through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and/or other beyond-RSS mechanisms that you may use to corral your information stream.

3. If you've been following along for a while, what are your favorite posts? What are your least favorite posts?

If you'd like, tell someone else about this blog and in particular, try and choose someone who's not a scientist but who you think might be interested in the type of stuff found in this blog. Ever had family members or groups of friends who've been giving you strange, pitying looks when you try to wax scientific on them? Have a friend who is downright convinced that their dogs know when they've misbehaved? Send 'em here and let's see what they say.

Finally, remember that you can follow me on twitter and Google+, and you can "like" me on facebook.

Birthday image by Glendon Mellow, used with permission.