Maryn McKenna, and her blog Superbug 2.0 has been downloaded (uploaded?) into the Borg.

As she says:

What you can expect to see on Superbug: antimicrobial resistance of course, and all the things we do to make it worse. (Anyone want to talk about chain drugstores giving antibiotics away for free?) But also: infectious diseases, especially emerging ones; zoonotic diseases, and the bacterial and viral traffic between us and the species we share space with; food policy and food safety; and public health, and especially public health policy and politics. Most of all, expect Superbug to be an inquisitive random walk through the abundant, ironic, unintended consequences of our shared decision-making. To me, that's where the most interesting stories always lie.

Go say hi, check out the blog. Looks interesting. You can also follow Maryn on twitter.