You may have noticed that I've stopped doing linkfests. I decided that the time put in to their curation (i.e. the 'cost') outweighs the value of doing so (i.e. the 'benefit'). It also occurred to me that most of the things I would curate in my weekly linkfests were the same items I tweeted throughout the week, and many of the same items I share in Google Reader.

So, for those of you who enjoyed the linkfests or want to keep your eyes on interesting things to read on the web, I encourage you to follow me on twitter, or if you *just* want the links without the rest of the twitter shenanigans, you can add the RSS feed comprised of all items that I share in Google Reader, to whatever RSS tool you happen to use (or you could simply bookmark the page, if that's how you roll). In addition to all the awesome sciencey things that I share, you'll also get some stuff from the other blogs that I read - food, local LA stuff, and so on.