Science and Science Writing

You've checked out the new blog, Child's Play, I'm writing with Melody Dye over at Scientopia, right? She started us off with an *awesome* series on delay of gratification and the cookie task (start here).

Apparently monkeys hate flying squirrels. And I hate the deck of this article. As long as we're all hating something, I suppose.

Why are male whales humping eachother?

From New Scientist: Why are dogs and their owners so much alike?

Via blog bff Andi Kuszewski of the Rogue Neuron blog: The Psychopathology of Heroism

Can squid fly? by Ferris Jabr.

Want more squid? Fascinating history of science post from Dr. Skyskull. If nothing else, check out the pictures.

Laughing rats and ticklish gorillas. Another fantastic post from Jesse Bering.

Dogs with PTSD? Interesting article.

German scientists identify the world's oldest dog bone. Or at least the oldest dog bone found so far, I suppose.

Some thoughts on science journalism from Colin Schultz.

Some more thoughts on science writing from the Science Careers blog.

A monkey saves a puppy from an explosion. Awesome picture.

Just in time for Shark Week! An explanation of fishes' lateral lines and the ampullae of Lorenzini.

Day five of Mary Carmichael's really cool DNA Dilemma series. (with links to the previous articles in the series)

NASW chimes in on the Heffernan article.

Other stuff

This artist carves sculptures into pencil graphite. Brings new meaning to the phrase "just the tip." :-)

Every wanted to de-gauss a cat? Find out how.

Here's your trippy math video for the week.

What becomes popular on the web? Gawker's Nick Denton's memo to employees.

In Newsweek: Pet psychics may just be the new normal. Ugh.

Gender re-assignment surgery in a dog (via LAist)

Photos from the Great Depression, in full color. My favorites are 10, 28, 29, 58, 65, 69.

Discover Magazine sold - for only $7 million? Hank Campbell's musings on it

Musical Blogs

Doc Becca, Biochem Belle, and Micro Dr. O are all at Labspaces now!

EcoPhysioMichelle is now at Field of Science.

Cephalove is now at the Southern Fried Science Network.

Also, if you hadn't noticed, there's a new little network called Scientopia. Go check it out. Some familiar faces, some new faces. Good times.