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Figure 1: Research Sausage indeed. (Source)

Bloggy News:

Research Blogging now supports Polish-language posts! Polish is the sixth language supported by the site, following Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and English. We encourage new bloggers to register. If you blog about peer reviewed research in Polish (or English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or German), visit our registration page to sign up. If you know a blogger in one of those languages, let them know about our site and encourage them to join.

Over 1,200 registered blogs publish dozens of posts about peer-reviewed research each day. That's more content than the science section of any mainstream newspaper, and the posts collected are typically much longer and more detailed than a newspaper article. Even if you don't have a blog, you can still use the site to learn about fascinating developments in cutting-edge research from around the world.

Speaking of which, did you miss my Psychology and Neuroscience Editor's Selections at Here you go again.

Things that I didn't get around to blogging or tweeting:

Dr. Free-ride writes about the budgetary issues facing the Cal State system. Seems like a situation with no good options.

A beached grey whale's stomach was full of newly eaten Puget Sound trash. Pretty gross. It's not clear if the trash is what killed the whale, but even if not...bad, bad times. (h/t @kzelnio)

Eric Michael Johnson of The Primate Diaries has an interesting post about about recent research on fairness in chimpanzees. I think the research leaves something to be desired (and I may very well have a blog post of my own addressing some of these issues soon), but in the meantime, EMJ gives us some tasty food for thought.

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