h/t to Dr. Isis for this awesome video.

Did you miss my Psychology and Neuroscience Editor's Selections at ResearchBlogging.org? Here you go again.

Hilarious Things:

Doctor Monkey, Doctor Becca, and (Micro) Doctor O and I (and some others) have been amusing ourselves on twitter.

Ambivalent Academic is battling allergies, but even through her drug-rattled brain, she is still awesome and hilarious.

Dr. Isis continues to be my hero.

Awesome Things, Science and otherwise:

How do chimpanzees deal with death and dying? Do they have a sense of their own mortality, or of that of their closest friends and relatives? Ed Yong explores these questions.

Trashy romance novels, male nipples, naughty pictures...the best thing I've read all week. By Scicurious.

Friend of the blog Zen Faulkes published a really awesome paper in PLoS ONE recently. Sci covered it at Neurotopia. And you can read about the origins of and motivation for this interesting study at Zen's blog, Neurodojo: here, here, here, and here.

Scibling James Hrynyshyn, of Island of Doubt has switched formats, and is moving over to a new blog called Class: M. Still part of the SciBorg, of course. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Lastly, blog bff AV Flox (you may remember her guest appearance earlier this week on this blog) considers the process of emotional spring cleaning, and in doing so, describes the human condition. If you click only one link today, make it this one. When I read her work, everything else around me fades away and nothing else matters.

Finally, a little housekeeping:

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