Here are my Research Blogging Editor's Selections for this week.

  • To start things off, two of ResearchBlogging's Editors did a joint blogcast this week. Listen to Travis and I discuss the relative benefits of using self-report data. Check out Travis's take on our conversation, and mine.
  • The Lies That Data Tell. Richard N. Landers describes an important new paper from the journal Psychological Science about how tests of statistical significance can mislead us.
  • The Plastic Brains of Birds. NeuroKuz reviews some recent research in the neurobiology of learning in songbirds, and its implications for understanding neural plasticity.
  • How The Brain Controls The (Non)Body. Studies of motor control investigate how the brain controls the body. Carl Kingston describes a study from the emerging field of neuroprosthetics - how the brain controls something other than the body.