Lots of great Psychology and Neuroscience blogging this week! Here's are my ResearchBlogging Editor's Selections for this week, covering some complex psychological and neurological disorders.

  • "Faces are special," says Kevin Mitchell, who writes at Wiring the Brain. Read about the acquired and developmental forms of a fascinating disorder, prosopagnosia, characterized by impaired facial recognition.
  • Faces also figure into a recent post at BPS Research Digest. For the first time, MRI participants socially engaged with another person (via video feed), in a new study from the labs of Rebecca Saxe and John Gabrieli. Findings from this study may help elucidate the neural bases of autism, which has been associated with impaired social processing.
  • How can clinicians distinguish between Borderline Personality Disorder and Psychopathy, both of which are characterized by aggression? Graduate student William Lu offers some thoughts at The Quantum Lobe Chonricles.
  • "Humans...the ultimate confound." Scicurious of Neurotopia muses on the role of dopamine in eating disorders, and experimental confounds in investigating this complex issue.