Only a few minutes today to get out a few interesting links, because I'm busy writing up an IACUC proposal.

First, a post on dogs from one of the Psychology Today blogs. I think he's mostly wrong. And will probably spend some time over the weekend writing a post about it.

Second, another post on dogs from Jesse Bering's blog at Scientific American, Bering in Mind. This one I can get behind.

Why do I have dogs on the mind so much this week? Because I'm prepping for a short "mini-course" I'm teaching to Intro Psych students this Fall, on dog cognition. Here's the summary I wrote up:

How do dogs think about the world, and how can studying canine cognition tell us about human cognition? This mini-course will explore cognition in dogs, with special emphasis on social cognition, and how artificial selection through domestication may have produced a better model for human cognition than even our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees and bonobos.

Should be a fun class to teach.