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Carnival of the Blue 36 is up at Observations of a Nerd!

Carnival of the Blue includes all things wet and salty, and there are some interesting offerings this month, so go check it out!

Two pieces of my own are included:

Of course, nothing is bigger than the biggest mammals on Earth: the whales. We often think about how important they are to the ecosystem in terms of what they eat, but of course, what goes in must come out. Who would have thought whale poop would be so important? Thanks, Jason, for enlightening us.

And speaking of confused, what happens when you move things around in an Octopus' tank? They get very confused. Just ask Jason, as he explains how Octopi use visual cues to navigate in his post Who Moved My Garden? Spatial Learning in the Octopus.

Next month you can find this salty carnival at Blogfish. Got a wet post you want included? Use the handy BlogCarnival submission form! It's so easy, a echinoderm can do it. But if you really want, you can also submit posts directly to .