The 24th installment of the Carnival of Evolution is up at NeuroDojo, and this month features an extra helping of brain!

As usual, I submitted a few pieces. With respect to evolution more generally, you can find my piece on oral sex in fruit bats:

Speaking of scandals, a paper on oral sex in fruit bats was at the center of a personal dispute that got called, inevitably, fruitbatgate. Regardless of your opinions on that matter, the science is definitely worth looking at, which Jason does at The Thoughtful Animal. (And not in a pervy way.)

And since the special theme of the carnival this month was brain evolution, I wrote up a piece at the last minute on whether (and how) observing animal behavior can give us insight into brain evolution:

The Thoughtful Animal asks, "Can observing animal behaviour tell us anything about brain evolution?" Make sure you haven't reached your cuteness threshold for the day before you see the answer.

So head on over and check out all the other posts! Blog carnivals are a great way to find other interesting blogs and posts to read.

Next month, Culturing Science will be hosting the 25th edition. Blog about something silver or something Canadian. Either will be considered appropriately thematic.

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