Scienceblogs is bringing back the popular Ask A Scienceblogger program.

Sayeth the overlordz:

Whatever you've wondered, now is your chance to ask. ScienceBlogs is reinstating our former Ask a ScienceBlogger series, in which (you guessed it), you get to ask ScienceBloggers questions, and they answer them!

Once we have a database of questions, we'll choose one a time to pose to our ScienceBloggers, and round up the answers for you here. They can be about anything you want, but of course the more interesting we find them, the more likely we are to choose them. ;-)

There are two ways to submit your questions. You can email the overlordz at or go to this post at Page 3.14 (the Seed blog) and leave it there in the comments.

So go forth, dear reader, and inquire!