Before we get into the regular bloggy shenanigans this week, I would like to share some personal news. Those of you who have been regular readers have certainly read about my family's dog, Argo. Those of you who have been reading since the initial incarnation of this blog at wordpress may remember that I only adopted Argo around four months ago, when he was about 18 months old. He has quickly become an important part of the family (he initially lived with me; now he lives with my parents and brother, where he has a backyard and much bigger house to run around in).

This past week, we found some sort of lump behind his neck, and the vet surgically removed it. He did not want to make any speculations as to what it was, or whether it was malignant or not. This morning, we spotted a new similar lump in a different location, on the opposite side of Argo's body. We expect to hear from the vet with the results from the biopsy tomorrow (Monday). My general plan is to remain optimistic, and deal with the potential bad news when it comes.

That said, my blogging this week is dedicated to Argo.

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