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Where Are the Real Errors in Political Polls?

Where Are the Real Errors in Political Polls?

"Clinton crushes Biden in hypothetical 2016 matchup: Poll." This was the headline of a MSNBC article on July 17, a full two years before the election in question.

November 4, 2014 — Meghana Ranganathan

Professors, we need you to do more!

though we can’t be bothered to notice all the work you’re already doing, to acknowledge the ways in which the explicit and implicit conditions of your employment make it extremely difficult to do it, or the ways in which other cultural forces, including the pronouncements of New York Times columnists, make the “more” we’re exhorting [...]

February 16, 2014 — Janet D. Stemwedel
Elegy for Rural Community Hospitals

Elegy for Rural Community Hospitals

In a pattern being repeated across the country, the Boothbay, Maine peninsula's hospital has been shuttered, and the communities just lost their bid to even have a 24 hour urgent care on the peninsula.

December 11, 2014 — Judy Stone

ScienceDebate Revs Up for 2016 Presidential Election

This year, I've been very fortunate to be a part of the inaugural class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) program, which brings together 60 leaders from around the country to work on projects designed to create significant social impact and change.

April 13, 2015 — Sheril Kirshenbaum
Ebola Quarantines: Can we stop the charade now?

Ebola Quarantines: Can we stop the charade now?

“I’m a believer in an abundance of caution but I’m not a believer of an abundance of idiocy.” Ashish Jha, MD Quarantine craziness has continued since my last post, with more states joining in the fray.

November 11, 2014 — Judy Stone

How to Reconcile Big Data and Privacy

In many ways "big data" and "encryption" are antithetical. The former involves harvesting, storing and analyzing information to reveal patterns that researchers, law enforcement and industry can use to their benefit.

March 6, 2014 — Larry Greenemeier