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If Only Pinterest Would Show Me More Ads… Said No One, EVER.

I want so badly to love Pinterest, but we just don’t seem to be compatible lovers. My initial objection to their service was the cavalier way in which they claimed rights to creative work displayed on their site (almost certainly a relic of being a new startup and writing the broadest terms of service they [...]

July 31, 2013 — Kalliopi Monoyios
Turns Out There IS Something New Under the Sun

Turns Out There IS Something New Under the Sun

If there is anything new under the sun it has to be this – and delightfully, it’s the domain of the moon. This spectacular table by Adrien Segal captures tidal data collected from San Francisco Bay for the duration of a full lunar cycle, 29 days in April and May of 2006.

September 18, 2013 — Kalliopi Monoyios

Is Data Really Changing the Nature of Wearable Technology?

Do you have a FitBit story? Last November, S came home with a Fitbit Flex. For those of you who don’t have one of these increasingly ubiquitous devices, it’s a small, plastic band that you wear on your wrist (there are other tracker options as well).

September 8, 2014 — Krystal D'Costa

Damage from Extreme Weather Increasing

Hurricane Irene is part of a worsening trend. Weather disasters have grown more frequent and more costly over the past 30 years in the U.S.,

September 1, 2011 — Christine Gorman
Green Thumbery: Flower Power

Green Thumbery: Flower Power

Things have been quiet on the Green Thumbery series because I’ve been watching my plants anxiously. The lengthy winter we experienced has made for a sluggish start and it was touch-and-go for a few weeks.

June 13, 2014 — Krystal D'Costa
The Best Bracket Big Data Can Build

The Best Bracket Big Data Can Build

March Madness isn't over, but one thing is certain: no one is going to win "Buffet's Billion." Before even half of the NCAA college men's basketball tournament games had finished, every bracket entered into Yahoo's contest to win a billion dollars had at least one red strikethrough.

March 27, 2014 — Geoffrey Giller

Linda Avey on Open Access and 23andMe

With 23andMe in the news this week, I thought it was a good time to share something I’d never published before. It’s a short interview with Linda Avey, co-founder of 23andMe.

November 27, 2013 — Brian Malow

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