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The Curious Wavefunction

The Curious Wavefunction

Musings on chemistry and the history and philosophy of science

Why chemists should study the origin of life

Physicists have their Big Bang, biologists have evolution by natural selection… and chemists have the origin of life. The question of life’s primordial beginnings – one of those existential questions that humans have pondered since antiquity – belongs squarely in the domain of chemistry...

March 12, 2013 — Ashutosh Jogalekar

Why it's hard to explain drug discovery to physicists

I minored in physics in college, and ever since then I have had a lively interest in the subject and its history. Although initially trained as an organic chemist, part of the reason I decided to study computational and theoretical chemistry is because of their connections to physics by way of quantum chemistry, electrostatics and statistical thermodynamics...

March 1, 2013 — Ashutosh Jogalekar

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