Story 5

A team of Harvard-based astronomers have discovered two black holes cohabiting Messier 22, a globular cluster of stars.


Cluster Coexistence: Neighboring Black Holes Defy Predictions of Violent Interactions

Story 4

A far-out scheme to mitigate global warming calls for tethering space dust to a near-earth asteroid.


Asteroid Dust Could Fight Climate Change on Earth

Story 3

On October 7th, company Space X will deliver supplies to the International Space Station on behalf of NASA, the first of twelve contracted resupply flights. You can watch the launch live at 8:35pm EDT on NASA TV.


NASA Coverage Set for Oct. 7 SpaceX Launch to Space Station

Story 2

It sounds like a story straight out of a supermarket tabloid, but scientists have determined that an 11th-century Buddhist statue, stolen from Tibet by the Nazis, originally came from space.


Buddhist "Iron Man" found by Nazis is from Space

Story 1

The Curiosity Rover has found smooth rocks embedded in Martian soil, which is the most compelling evidence yet that Mars once held water.


A River Runs Through...Gale Crater