Story 5

Astronauts from five different space agencies are participating in the CAVES project, an underground training exercise beneath the island of Sardinia.


Astronauts Heading Deep Underground for Spaceflight Training

Story 4

Scientists have discovered a two-star solar system orbited by two planets, an astronomical first.


Two Alien Planets Found with Twin Suns Like 'Star Wars'' Tatooine

Story 3

Voyager 1, which launched 35 years ago, was thought to be approaching the edge of our solar system. New evidence suggests it may have farther to go.


NASA’s Voyager 1 Spacecraft May Not Be Near Edge of Solar System after All

Story 2

Data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey (WISE) has revealed millions of star-munching black holes.


NASA Spacecraft's Census Tallies Millions of Black Holes

Story 1

NASA has announced a new Mars mission that is bound to disappoint some space fans. Looking to cut costs, the agency chose another lander mission over more adventurous, but risky options.


NASA Unveils New Mars Mission to Probe Red Planet's Core