Story 5

In 2005, the dwarf planet Makemake passed between the Earth and a very bright star, casting a shadow known as an occultation. A new study of data collected from the occultation reveals that Makemake lacks an atmosphere.


Rare Apparition of Dwarf Planet Makemake Reveals a Largely Airless World

Story 4

Internet billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced his plans for a future Mars colony of 80,000 people. The price tag for a flight to the Martian colony: $500,000.


Martian Colony Designed by Private Space Flight Company

Story 3

Astronomers have discovered a giant gaseous planet about 13 times the size of Jupiter. The "super jupiter" is challenging previous notions of how planets form in solar systems with large stars.


"Super-Jupiter" Discovery Dwarfs Solar System's Largest Planet

Story 2

The Very Large Telescope, belonging to the European Southern Observatory, has caught a glimpse of the most powerful quasar ever discovered.


Biggest Black Hole Blast Ever Could Solve Cosmological Mystery

Story 1

The moons of gas giants like Neptune and Uranus are arranged in a pattern where the smallest moons are closest to the planet and become gradually larger as you move farther out. This pattern has baffled scientists, but a new model explains how it could have emerged from rings of gas and dust similar to Saturn's.


Solar System's Moons May Have Emerged from Long-Gone Planetary Rings