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The Countdown

The Countdown

What’s happening in space, right now!

Space & Physics

The Countdown, Episode 7 - Planet Centauri, Endeavour`s L.A. Road Trip, DayGlo Comet, Moon Mystery Modeled, a Not-Quite-Space Jump

Story 5Astronomers have discovered an Earth-mass planet circling Alpha Centauri B, a star only four light-years from our own solar system.Links:The Exoplanet Next-Door: Astronomers Discover World in Nearest Star SystemStory 4The retired Space Shuttle Endeavour cruised the streets of Los Angeles on the way to its new home at the California Science Center...

STAFFOctober 18, 2012 — Eric R. Olson
Space & Physics

The Countdown, Episode 6 - Black Hole Neighbors, Asteroid Cooling, SpaceX Launch, Nazi Iron Man from Space, Water on Mars

Story 5A team of Harvard-based astronomers have discovered two black holes cohabiting Messier 22, a globular cluster of stars.Links:Cluster Coexistence: Neighboring Black Holes Defy Predictions of Violent Interactions Story 4A far-out scheme to mitigate global warming calls for tethering space dust to a near-earth asteroid...

STAFFOctober 4, 2012 — Eric R. Olson
Space & Physics

The Countdown, Episode 5: SpaceLab Winners, Magnetic Superstar, Jupiter Fireball, Ping-Pong Satellites, Candidates on Space

Story 5The winners of YouTube's SpaceLab competition learned the results of their experiments in the first-ever livestream from the International Space Station.Links:YouTube Space Lab: From 250 Miles Above the EarthStory 4Scientists have discovered a giant magnetic star with a mass 20,000 times that of the sun.Links: Giant Super-Magnetic Star Has Scientists BuzzingStory 3On the evening of September 10th, amateur astronomers witnessed a giant explosion on Jupiter's surface.Links: Explosive Impact at Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers Story 21600 ping-pong balls will be launched into the upper atmosphere by JP Aerospace, a do-it yourself, crowd-funded space program.Links: Ping-Pong Ball "Satellites" Have Balloon Ride to Edge of Space Story 1 Scientific American posed 14 questions about science and technology to U.S...

STAFFSeptember 20, 2012 — Eric R. Olson

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