For no particular reason whatsoever, here are some montages featuring the covers of books I've written and/or edited. Long-time readers might be familiar with the backstory to Tetrapod Zoology Book One (Naish 2010a), Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Saurians: A Historical Perspective (Moody et al. 2010) and The Great Dinosaur Discoveries (Naish 2009), but I'd still like - one day - to talk about the backstory to Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight (Martill & Naish 2001) and, yes, even Walking With Dinosaurs: The Evidence (Martill & Naish 2000). Those last two are ancient history, but - when I look at them now - I think that they're mostly good, and at least some people have said nice things about them over the years. Should you be interested enough to get hold of them, they're both available at very low prices online (he says, without checking).

More recently, I've written briefly about the children's books Dinosaurs Life Size [not "Dinosaurs Life-Size", as it says on the draft cover shown here] (Naish 2010b) and Dinosaur Record Breakers (Naish 2011) [see links below].

Too busy at the moment to post anything substantive, but lots on crocodiles coming real soon. For articles on the books shown above, and others, see...

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