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Seals, the early years

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… stem-pinnipeds at Tet Zoo. Or, probable stem-pinnipeds anyway. This minimum-effort post is brought to you on the back of work showing that pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses) are monophyletic, not diphyletic, and that the taxa shown here – Potamotherium, Puijila and so on – really are [...]

June 11, 2014 — Darren Naish
A brief history of muskrats

A brief history of muskrats

Earlier in the year I made a promise that I'd get through more rodents here at Tet Zoo. Rodents, you see, divide people like no other group of tetrapods.

September 5, 2014 — Darren Naish

The 6-ton Blue whale model at London’s Natural History Museum

A series of meetings meant that I found myself in London’s Natural History Museum yesterday, and with my friends and Tet Zoo supporters Dan and Felix Bridel (great t-shirt, Felix) I spent a while gawping at the always fascinating life-sized Blue whale Balaenoptera musculus model that hangs in the Mammal Hall.

August 8, 2014 — Darren Naish

Reasons for really liking wildebeest

There are lots of reasons for liking wildebeest… or gnus. For me, the main one comes from the fact that they are insanely flamboyant in appearance.

February 26, 2014 — Darren Naish

Domestic Horses of Africa

I've said on several previous occasions that domestic animals are far from outside the Tet Zoo remit. On the contrary, I find them to be of great interest, and I think that their diversity, evolution and behaviour is something that we should pay attention to more often.

May 10, 2015 — Darren Naish

The Turcana and Other Valachians

I'm about as interested in domestic animals as I am in non-domesticated ones. Sheep of various kinds have been discussed on Tet Zoo a few times, and right now I want to say a few brief things about a breed I recently saw on several occasions in Romania - the Turcana or Tsurcana, a highly [...]

April 12, 2015 — Darren Naish

Fabulous Crested Indian Wild Pigs

The Indian wild pig looks about ‘different enough’ from other wild pigs that it was originally (in 1839) described as a distinct species, but no more

December 10, 2015 — Darren Naish

African Climbing Mice and the Congo Link Rat

There’s an unusual group of African rodents that we rarely get to hear much about. Termed dendromurines, they’re named for Dendromus, the climbing mice, and mostly inhabit sub-Saharan Africa. 

October 22, 2015
Confrontational behaviour and bipedality in deer

Confrontational behaviour and bipedality in deer

I've said it before and I'll say it again: one of the most familiar and frequently encountered of mammal groups (at least, to those of us in Eurasia and parts of the Americas) - DEER - are weird and fascinating when you get to know them.

December 15, 2014 — Darren Naish
Now That’s a Wee Little Infographic

Now That’s a Wee Little Infographic

  53 million years old, and it may be the smallest mammal that has ever lived. Batodonoides vanhouteni was a shrew-like mammal that scientific illustrator Jen Christiansen has deftly described in this illustration.

September 28, 2014 — Glendon Mellow
The remarkable life appearance of the Woolly rhino

The remarkable life appearance of the Woolly rhino

One of the Pleistocene mammals depicted without fail in popular books – encyclopedias of prehistoric life and the like – is the Woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis (the species name is written antiquus in many sources).

November 9, 2013 — Darren Naish

Tapir attacks past, present, but hopefully not future

Last Thursday (August 8th, 2013) a Brazilian or Lowland tapir Tapirus terrestris at Dublin Zoo (Ireland) seriously attacked and injured a two-year-old girl that, believe it or don’t, was taken into the tapir’s enclosure.

August 11, 2013 — Darren Naish

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