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Seals, the early years

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… stem-pinnipeds at Tet Zoo. Or, probable stem-pinnipeds anyway. This minimum-effort post is brought to you on the back of work showing that pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses) are monophyletic, not diphyletic, and that the taxa shown here – Potamotherium, Puijila and so on – really are [...]

June 11, 2014 — Darren Naish

Surprises From Placental Mammal Phylogeny 2: Skunks Are Not Weasels

Time for another article on placental mammal phylogeny, again focusing on results that are still not tremendously well known outside the zoological community (for previous articles go here for a general introduction to placental phylogeny, and here for thoughts on the position of pangolins).

July 25, 2015 — Darren Naish
Homage to The Velvet Claw, again

Homage to The Velvet Claw, again

At long last, somebody has uploaded (at least some of) The Velvet Claw to youtube. Whats The Velvet Claw, I hear you ask? Well, actually, I probably dont hear you ask, seeing as you probably know already.

February 3, 2014 — Darren Naish

Conservation Concerns for South America's Remarkable Endemic Dogs

Last year the Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia volume titled Extinct Life appeared in print. I was asked to cover South American mammals, perhaps because they wanted me to write about borhyaenoids, toxodonts, litopterns, astrapotheres and so on (some of which have been covered on Tet Zoo in the past - I really need to get back [...]

October 27, 2014 — Darren Naish

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