Bored? Looking for things to do? No, me neither. But have some fun and look at these skulls -- then identify them (taking care to note your identifications in the comments below). And then...

Photo taken at undisclosed location, by Darren Naish.

Photo by Darren Naish.

... see if you can go that extra bit further and say something especially interesting*, since there's lots of neat stuff going on here that's worthy of comment. And, come on, not the same old stuff that we've all heard a million times before. And sorry for not saying where the photos are taken. Hey, why not score extra points and see if you can answer that too! If you've never registered for comments and want to play, now is the time. I'll be monitoring comments and will add thoughts once we reach a critical mass (usually 100 comments, but anything over the magic number will be good enough. What's 'the magic number'? Well...).

*... about whatever's depicted in the images, I mean.