Demands of work and all that mean that I need to sign off for Christmas now, so no time to blog about sauropod biology, toads, tadpoles, Cretaceous crocodilians (Salisbury & Naish 2011), mutual sexual selection in ornithodirans (Hone et al. 2011) or whatever else it was I was planning to blog about this month. There just hasn’t been the time. And I and colleagues have a neat, open-access paper coming out on January 3rd, so I need to get ready for that as well, argh! For now, I leave you with this....

And seeing as I can’t embed a version that takes up full page-width and is also available for enlargement, here’s a thumbnail version that can be enlarged by clicking. Sorry about all the dinosaur stuff lately by the way - it’s down to chronic lack of time and resultant non-generation of new content. Best wishes to all my readers, friends and correspondents. See you on the other side, and have a great Christmas and New Year. Remember to follow me on twitter: @TetZoo.

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