Regular readers will know that I’m a huge fan of the Windfall Films TV series Inside Nature’s Giants (broadcast on Channel 4 here in the UK, and known as Raw Anatomy in the US). It might actually be the only thing on TV worth watching. What’s especially noteworthy is that a brilliant, award-winning series devoted to the anatomy, biology and evolution of animals has been loved by critics and the general TV-watching audience; consequently ING is about to start its third series. This demonstrates phenomenal success, and my congrats again to everyone involved. I’ve been blogging about ING since it first screened (see links below) and have even managed to meet some of the key personnel and act as an adviser for some of the episodes. An ING special on sperm whales recently hit our screens, and I’m aiming to blog about it some time soon.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing now is that series 3 starts this Tuesday 30th August (err, that’ll be today), with episode 1 being devoted to dromedary camels. Camels are weird weird weird – there’s that incredibly flexible neck, the distensible pouch on the palate, those digitigrade (rather than unguligrade) feet... all this and so much more before you even get to the hump. Anyway, this is just meant to be a brief heads-up. I look forward to watching and hope that you’ll tune in too, if possible. Watch a trailer here.


Thanks to Tom Mustill.

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