The three talks given at the All Yesterdays launch earlier this month are now viewable online. I've been having trouble getting them viewable here at Tet Zoo: here's mine (with a link to the youtube appearance below)...

All Yesterdays Book Launch Talk - Darren Naish

For John's go here; for Memo's go here. I will forgive Memo for pronouncing Naish as "Nash" on one occasion (and he didn't need to refer to me as "Dr Naish", anyway). For a discussion of both All Yesterdays the book and the launch event, see this article. You can purchase the book itself directly from Irregular Books (the page there has a nice list of reviewer comments) or here at as a printed softback book it’s £22 (c. US$36, c. EUR27); as an ebook it’s £6 (c. US$9.6, c. EUR7.4).

Conway, J., Kosemen, C. M. & Naish, D. 2012. All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals. Irregular Books. ISBN 978-1-291-17712-1. Softback, 100pp.