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Tetrapod Zoology

Tetrapod Zoology

Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - living and extinct

Worm Lizards: Lifestyles of the Limbless

There have never been enough amphisbaenians on Tet Zoo. In fact, the only time I've written about them at any sort of length is in the 2008 (and 2012) April Fool's article wherein they were convincingly (cough) shown to be the true ancestors of mammals...

April 25, 2014 — Darren Naish
The Tet Zoo Manifesto

The Tet Zoo Manifesto

As is so often the case, I find myself unable to make the time to finish the numerous Tet Zoo articles I want to complete and release upon the world.

April 7, 2014 — Darren Naish

The Age of Maximum Cassowary

Yet again, the world is cockahoop and head-over-heads in awe over another thrilling, dumbfounding, truly novel zoological discovery. No, I'm not talking about the discovery of suspension-feeding anomalocarids, ancient echolocating odontocete cetaceans, or even of new tapirs (did I mention the new tapir?), but of a stupendous new living bird, discovered clinging to existence in [...]..

April 1, 2014 — Darren Naish

Pronghorn, designed by committee

So much for posting more on ratites - alas, I just haven't had time to finish the next article. Inspired by an article recently published by my friend and homeboy Brian Switek, I thought it time to republish this 2010 article...

March 25, 2014 — Darren Naish
Controversies from the world of ratite and tinamou evolution (part I)

Controversies from the world of ratite and tinamou evolution (part I)

As blasphemous and offensive as it seems to say it, birds are pretty samey. Generally speaking, they're small flying things with long forelimbs, proportionally large heads with big, globular braincases, and grasping feet where an enlarged first toe (the hallux) opposes the remaining three...

March 18, 2014 — Darren Naish

Hell, Yes: Komodo Dragons!!! (Again)

What with all the monitor-themed goodness around these parts lately (see links below), it seems only fitting that I provide a re-vamped, substantially updated version of this Tet Zoo ver 2 classic (originally published in September 2007)...

March 5, 2014 — Darren Naish

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