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Talking back

Talking back

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BRAIN Inititaive Doles Out $46 Million in Initial Funding

A signature science program of the Obama administration’s second term—one intended to develop technologies and a base of knowledge to solve long-standing mysteries of how the brain works—has finally reached cruising altitude...

STAFFOctober 1, 2014 — Gary Stix

Math Might Help Crack Mysteries of Schizophrenia

At 32, a year beyond a postdoctoral fellowship, Danielle Bassett could only express unreserved astonishment when she learned that she was one of 21 winners of a 2014 MacArthur Fellowship...

STAFFSeptember 30, 2014 — Gary Stix

A New Idea for Treating Alzheimer's

If it's good for the heart, it could also be good for the neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes, cells that make up the main items on the brain's parts list.

STAFFSeptember 28, 2014 — Gary Stix

Get Smart By Using 10 Percent Less of Your Brain

The movie Lucy has become a teaching moment in the last month or so for scientists and journalists to  remind the world—time and again—that we don’t just use 10 percent of our brains...

STAFFAugust 25, 2014 — Gary Stix

Brainwaves' Propagation May Hinge on Glial Cells

A gamma wave is a rapid, electrical oscillation in the brain. A scan of the academic literature shows that gamma waves may be involved with learning memory and attention—and, when perturbed, may play a part in schizophrenia, epilepsy Alzheimer’s, autism and ADHD...

STAFFAugust 11, 2014 — Gary Stix

New Clues to Just How Much the Adult Brain Can Change

Popular neuroscience books have made much in recent years of the possibility that the adult brain is capable of restoring lost function or even enhancing cognition through sustained mental or physical activities...

STAFFJuly 14, 2014 — Gary Stix

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