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Talking back

Talking back

A science blog, sans blague


Site Survey Shows 60 Percent Think Free Will Exists. Read Why

We are responsible for our own actions. Of course we are. Sure about that? “I think I can?” “I think I can’t?” All philosophizing aside, the assumption that we have free will has been called into question by research that suggests our brains are deciding for us before we become conscious of the decisions streamed [...]..

STAFFJanuary 15, 2015 — Gary Stix

Bhopal at 30: Lessons Still Being Learned

In 1989, I was working as an at editor at IEEE Spectrum when I was assigned to write a feature on Bhopal. The thirtieth anniversary of that industrial disaster that killed thousands is tonight...

STAFFDecember 2, 2014 — Gary Stix

Mouse Experiment Suggests We Might Sleep Off Toxic Memories

One area of brain science that has drawn intense interest in recent years is the study of what psychologists call reconsolidation—a ponderous technical term that, once translated, means giving yourself a second chance...

STAFFNovember 24, 2014 — Gary Stix

Baby Prep School: A Brain Game Or A Mama’s Coo-Cooing?

Baby’s first robot If  you could only learn a language with the innocent receptivity of a young child. That adage, repeated ad nauseam, once an adult has decided to learn French or Tagalog engenders endless debate...

STAFFOctober 24, 2014 — Gary Stix

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