A while back I featured one of my personal favorite artists here on Symbiartic -- Rachel Ignotofsky. Her work is gorgeous, playful, and distinctive. She’s done series about ecosystems, cells, body systems, and many more. But the one that captured my attention first was her brilliant series on women in science. With annotated portraits of these pioneering women, Ignotofsky paid homage to the most famous and should-be-famous women in the history of science.

And now, this series is a BOOK coming this July. I’ll post an update when it hits shelves (and digital shelves), but you should probably just go ahead and pre-order it now. This will be a must have for your science shelf, whether you’re a teacher, parent, and/or all around science lover.

A page spread of Women in Science featuring X-ray crystallography pioneer Rosalind Franklin. Reprinted with permission from Women in Science Copyright © 2016 by Rachel Ignotofsky. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC.

I applaud Ignotofsky and her publisher for telling these important stories about women through such a rich, visual medium. The world needs more books like this.