One of the many reasons I love tumblr is that I find amazing artists like Rachel Ignotofsky. She's a graphic designer and illustrator currently working at Hallmark Greetings by day and as a freelance illustrator by night. Her work frequently touches on science with layers of the earth, inside a cell, body systems posters, how love works, plant anatomy, Darwin deck, lab equipment, and food chain.

"Biology and human anatomy were always my favorite subjects in school," said Ignotofsky. "I think there is real beauty in seeing the mechanics behind how the world works. I want to take that information and make it accessible and fun to learn."

Here I'm going to focus on her set of illustrations of great women scientists: Rosalind Franklin, Marie Curie, Valentina Tereshkova, Jane Goodall, and Patricia Bath.

I asked Ignotofsky what inspired her to create this particular series: "I wanted to create a series that celebrated women and their accomplishments in science. I think illustration is a powerful tool to convey information and to inspire inquisitive thinking. I hope young boys and girls see these women and aspire to be like them one day."

I love these illustrations for so many reasons. The use of color to make them a set yet stand out on their own is divine. I love the grey background they all have, and what a great textured backdrop it gives each piece. I love how she blends the imagery of each scientist's field with descriptions about what they accomplished so beautifully. I also love how she renders people -- with minimalism, clean lines, and abstract shapes so that their bodies aren't so much the focus--their research is!

She also has a great etsy shop if you want prints, apparel, or pillows with her artwork. Hello, holiday gifts!