I got the rare opportunity to write a book about science in my silly (perhaps crazy) way: with jokes, bizarre analogies, and drawings! It's called What's in Your Genes? and you can buy it! Seriously! It's a real book! (I have to keep reminding myself of this.) It's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as smaller book stores, so check your local favorite place!

I got to go back to my explaining-science-with-drawings roots and use images to reinforce what I said in the text. So far I've gotten great feedback from people who've read it, but it does have a small audience: people who are interested in genetics but don't know much about it. I essentially go over an entire course worth of genetics, but in a very easy to understand way. I make no assumptions that my reader knows anything about science. I start at square one for every topic in genetics.

I'm really new to this whole "being an author" and "having a book" thing, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to ask you to buy it and assure you that it will change your life and stuff. So, go buy it! It will be the best book you've ever read!*

*This is highly unlikely if you've read more that one book,

but it might be a book you rather enjoy.