I'm all about the science comics and cartoony illustrations, but just like Kalliopi said yesterday, sometimes we science artists like to mix it up. For a while I was putting down my pencil and picking up a paintbrush. It was an adjustment to not be able to render things as exactly as one can with a pencil and fine-tipped pen. I found that frustrating at first because I'm such a perfectionist, but eventually I found my painting stride and just tried to let the paint do its own thing, and I found myself painting shapes found in nature and just seeing where it went. I never had a specific idea when I sat down to paint something, not even what colors I wanted to use.

It was a way for me to explore the patterns and seeming randomness that you see when you look outside, and it gave me a new opportunity to explore science art. These are my two favorite pieces. Hope you enjoy them!


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