I talked about the art of Rachel Ignotofsky a while back after I found out about her amazing work featuring famous (and should-be-famous!) women in science -- a series she continues to expand. But I wanted to feature some of her work featuring science concepts, complete with labels. I love the way she gets so much information into a drawing without bogging it down in the slightest. The colors, textures, small details -- good grief, I could gush about it forever. First up: trophic levels in two different ecosystems:

Look at those little decomposers! Look at how succinct yet content-rich these illustrations are! Are you seeing this?! I can't handle it!

And there are cell diagrams, which I really appreciate, given my microbiology background. Can you imagine how many more people would fall in love with science in school if their textbooks looked like this? I want that textbook RIGHT NOW. But in the meantime, I will console myself by visiting Rachel's Etsy shop!