How do you future-proof a dinosaur tattoo design? 

Or find the source of an image that has its attribution stripped away? 

How can a someone in a small niche cause a big ripple? 

This Thursday, October 8th I will be at Ryerson University's new launched Social Media Lab exploring how we communicate science through social media, specifically while using images. And it's going to be live streamed on Periscope! 

My background was originally as a fine artist, then illustrator, and I will be sharing some of my experiences with using images online for science communication. I will be revisiting some of the topics I discussed last year at the Association of Medical Illustrators meeting, as well as how the SciArt Tweet Storm came about, and taking a look at the importance of protecting and sharing images online. Oh, and we'll look at why you might want to future-proof a dinosaur tattoo.

Alternate design for the Ceratosaurus dinosaur tattoo originally commissioned by author Brian Switek @Laelaps

Here's some details. Please join me in person or online. 


Thursday October 8th, 2015 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, EST.

In person:

Tickets are free, but please RSVP with Eventbrite online or in the app.

10 Dundas St East,
10th Floor, Suite 1002
Toronto, ON M5B 0A1,
Canada (Cineplex Theatre Building)

When you enter 10 Dundas, look for the elevator bank (marked as Office Tower) next to the Starbucks Coffee on the 1st floor. Take the elevator to the 10th floor, go pass the 1st set of glass door and our office suite #1002 will be on the right.

Via Periscope:

Official blurb:

This presentation will not teach you how to be a social media ninja, maven, guru, gadfly, rockstar or Jedi. Instead, science illustrator Glendon Mellow will share stories that illustrate how sharing images online can lead to surprising collaborations, commissions and even community. Social media is visual media - we will look at online illustration best practices, why attribution fuels creativity, reverse image searching, responsible gif use and how to future proof dinosaur tattoos.


For more info, visit the Social Media Lab site.

Hearty thanks to Phili Mai @PhMai, Marc Esteve del Valle @NetMev, Anatoliy Gruzd @gruzd and the rest of the Social Media Lab team for putting together the Speaker Series and inviting me to participate.