Fine artist Elaine Whittaker is challenging us to see ourselves through the eyes of one of humanity's greatest killers. Take a close look.

The Swarm, a work made up of encaustic and over 1500 mosquitoes shipped from bug zappers in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, is meant to unsettle. Whittaker says,

"If you stand long enough and contemplate the work, do not be surprised if you start to feel a sting on your skin. Remember how you felt the need to slap the spot and had to look down. Recall the horror in that moment of slapping: there, on your skin, a squished mosquito in a sea of your own blood."

Is it a revenge scenario against the little beasts? Can the mosquitoes be seen as mere vials for our blood? The Swarm is part of a tremendously intriguing show on now at the Science Gallery in Dublin:

The show, on now through 25 January 2015 contains 25 works by different fine artists is fascinating right down to the curators.



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