Trilobite Stained Glass © Bill Porter

Trilobite Stained Glass © Bill Porter

It is a pipe dream of mine to one day purchase a cathedral and transform it into a giant temple of science. When that day comes, I know who will need to create the stained glass.

Bill Porter created this stunning stained glass trilobite, and I knew I had to share it here on Symbiartic. I don't think we have ever featured stained glass sciart before. Incredible how the light makes it appear as though the trilobite is crawling over undersea terrain.

Bill writes,

I looked up a number of drawings of different species and modeled mine roughly on Oryctocephalus sp. The eyes on the trilobite are smoky quartz beads from our local rock shop. I had no idea they would change so much in different light. Due to my partial color blindness, I choose the glass in collaboration with my wife Sue. Whatever skill I have with stained glass I learned from my teacher, Laurie Sauer.

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