"Alright sir, let's see how those fit. Blink rate comfortable? Good, okay let's try using some VR overlays at middle distance while walking..."

The best concept art prompts you to make up stories and join in a fictional world. You can't help it. Altered Carbon by concept artist Ben Mauro is such a perfect piece - is this the next step after wearable tech contact lenses? Will complaining about hardware designs and softwear bugs be common when coupled with wetware?

Of course, most great concept artists already have a story, an inspiration in mind as the create a scene or character. Make sure to read about Mauro's ideas behind Altered Carbon on his site, and see the rest of the paintings in the series. And enjoy spending time on his site - with credits including films like Lucy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Hobbit and games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare it's fantastic to see Mauro also takes the time to maintain a blog and a section on career advice.


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