Toronto's newest superhero accidentally trashes the Royal Ontario Museum. And although the ROM is my favourite place in Toronto, I enjoyed every page turning moment.

Here are some pages from the successfully-funded Kickstarter for Jason Loo's The Pitiful Human Lizard:

No!!! Not the Platycarpus coryphaeus! As a kid I spent hours one birthday hanging out with that old mosasaur and the Trinacromerum kirki plesiosaur in their previous home, an undersea display that had ocean mammal sounds and rippling aqua lighting. Loo, you monster.

The issue was a treat to read. I confess I am not the biggest indie comic book fan (I know, it's weird right? I feel like I should be) but The Pitiful Human Lizard hit all the right beats.

The artwork is rich and detailed, and Loo has an energetic, clearly readable narrative style. I never felt lost, and the rich Toronto backdrop grounded its sense of place. The story quickly fills out the character's world, and instead of another superhero who escapes the daily grind when they don tights, we see one still struggling just as much when engaged in his heroics.

Loo is hard at work on the second one and I can't wait. This book is totally fun. Museum fans, comic fans get your mitts on one. Even if he does trash a couple of my favourite fossils.

- -

Tonight, Friday 30th May at 7:00pm there's a Pitiful Human Lizard Launch Party at Toronto's famous Silver Snail comic shop. More events are coming up and you can find out about them on The Pitiful Human Lizard's Facebook Page.


Showing off my signed copy and Lee's Palace print from the Kickstarter backing: