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Street science-art. Yeah, the science is often incorrect or out of date. The conceptually popular and wildly incorrect 'Ascent of Man' is popular with street artists. It interests me how much of this counter-cultural art movement in our public spaces addresses evolution over the other sciences. Will climate change street art be far behind?

{link url=""}Image source{/link}


Caveman by Banksy. {link url=""}Image source{/link}


Challenger. {link url=""}Image source{/link}


Unbelievably huge image. Click the image source to see the whole thing in its glory. The science is messed up but the image powerful. {link url=""}Image source - click it!{/link}


Another one by Banksy, the metaphor about cleaning up cave paintings comes through like a splash of cold water. I love this one. {link url=""}Image source{/link}


Anyone know what this is? {link url=""}Image source.{/link}

Banksy again. {link url=""}Image source{/link}.


I remembered this photo Kristjan Wager of the blog {link url=""}Pro-Science{/link} took a couple of years back. {link url=""}Image source.{/link}

Stephen Hawking. {link url=",%20new%20first&textinput=hawking,stephen"}Image source{/link}.

{link url=""}Image source.{/link}


"Evolution in violence" - from Tehran, by A1one. {link url=""}Image source.{/link}

Apparently this guy is somewhere in my old stomping grounds of east end Toronto. {link url=",trex"}Image source.{/link}

Ah, here we go:

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What does it say about the science in street art that so much of the science is outmoded and wrong, yet so clever in design and so well rendered?