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Talking with Students

Being a scientific illustrator isn’t an easy career path. Being a fine artist engaging with science is even more difficult, at least financially.

April 30, 2015 — Glendon Mellow

Can Machines Produce Art that Moves Us?

This happens more often than you’d think: You tell someone you are an illustrator. They ask you a few questions and then get to what’s really on their mind: “So, do you do all your work on the computer or do you draw everything by hand?” When you respond that you do some (or all) [...]

May 19, 2014 — Kalliopi Monoyios
The Other Immortality

The Other Immortality

Students like I once was, Copying studies like Dürer once made, Of a skull, once with a name. Just like our genes, little carbon marks drift little changes over time.

May 1, 2014 — Glendon Mellow
The Marvelous Flying Sauropods of Puttapipat

The Marvelous Flying Sauropods of Puttapipat

There are two kinds of illustrators. Those, like myself who bend fine art and other forms into the service of illustration – and then there are illustrators like Niroot Puttapipat (a.k.a.

August 4, 2014 — Glendon Mellow
Girl Discovers the Hugs Bison

Girl Discovers the Hugs Bison

The elusive Hugs Bison has been found. Brilliant visual wordplay by the always delightful Niroot Puttapipat. We featured some of his drawings on Symbiartic back in August, and make sure you’re following his new Instagram account @himmapaan.

February 1, 2015 — Glendon Mellow