With cold and flu season upon us and cooler weather increasingly pushing us indoors, it's time to remind ourselves how to stay healthy. Namely, eat well, sleep well, exercise, and whatever you do, don't inadvertently inhale a virus-laden water droplet after your office-mate sneezes. Medical illustrator James Archer shows us exactly what to watch out for in this beautiful depiction of a common cold virus, the rhinovirus, suspended in a drop of water (that's a euphamism, people. If you want to get technical, it's spit, plain and simple).

Incidentally, an illustration like this is deceptively complex. To get the reflections on the droplet just so, Archer modeled an entire office around it so that when he added lighting, it would create the highly convincing reflections that make the illustration so convincing.

James Archer's medical illustration work can be found on his studio website; you can also link up with him on Facebook and Twitter.


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