Yesterday we kicked off the September SciArt Blitz with Museo Atlántico, an underwater museum made of cast concrete figures and objects that will sit off the coast of the Canary Islands once completed, forming an artificial reef. The project is the latest underwater sculpture installation by artist Jason deCaires Taylor whose work dots the world’s oceans and makes powerful statements about politics, human activity, and climate change. Since Museo Atlántico is not completed yet, I promised to post an image of an older installation to show how the corals and algae take hold and continue to work on the sculptures long after Taylor’s hands have quit.

Man on Fire by Jason deCaires Taylor
Jason deCaires Taylor's sculptures are submerged along shallow coastlines, attracting sea life and ultimately seeding a new shallow reef. This sculpture, titled Man on Fire, is off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Image © Jason deCaires Taylor

You can find more of Jason deCaires Taylor’s work, including the progression of growth on sculptures visited at various intervals after their installation, at his website. Catch him also on Facebook and Twitter.

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