I love playing board games, and my favorites are ones that involve science in some way. I'm always on the lookout for crowdfunding campaigns for science board games, as it's a great combination of science art and science communication. I've backed projects like Compounded and Go Extinct!, and today I'm excited about a new project called Ion: A Compound Building Game.

As a former science teacher, I'm thrilled when a game creator doesn't just make a science themed game, but one that truly incorporates a concept and gamifies it. Ion and other games from this creator succeed in that. After just one day on Kickstarter, this project reached its funding goal, and with a month to go, let's see how far it can go. Stretch goals adding noble gases, acid/base neutralization capabilities, and transition metals. It makes me giddy with nerdy joy.

Bonus: They did a great job on their Kickstarter video.