First, fermented fashion, now fermented teeth? Ok, ok, foul ball?!

Halloween is a month away and already, kids everywhere are beginning to dream of the loot they'll collect in one night of frantic bliss. So what better time for a reminder of the perils of periodontal disease!?

But seriously, in our September jaunt through science art we have been anemic in the realm of medical art, which is a thriving and vital intersection of the two disciplines. The Journal of the Medical Association has been a leader in the field, insisting on a consistent aesthetic for their articles. Two medical illustrators, Cassio Lynm and Alison Burke, create all the illustrations and figures for the journal. The result is crystal clear communication that is easy on the eyes - even the perils of periodontal disease are made somewhat palatable (nyuk, nyuk).

From JAMA's Patient Page: Periodontal Disease

Alison E. Burke's Portfolio