This bust of Dryptosaurus was sculpted by paleoartist Tyler Keillor for the Lake County Discovery Museum just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Tyler, a full-time paleoartist at the University of Chicago, is one of the many science artists taking the bull by the horns and diving into fundraising for their own work. He's started a project on Kickstarter to sculpt the first complete digital reconstruction of Dryptosaurus. There are many reasons why this is the wave of the future - 3D digital models can be animated, they can be printed in three dimensions as model toys or scaled up to be turned into museum exhibits, and they can be edited and altered without starting over, unlike their clay predecessors.

Tyler Keillor's Paleontological Reconstructions

Tyler Keillor at the University of Chicago

Tyler Keillor's Digital Dryptosaurus Project at Kickstarter